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Written By Luke Ridgway

Magicard Rio ProThis guide will help demonstrate how to access the Rio Pro’s card sensors for testing and cleaning purposes.

Sensor testing and cleaning guide




Enter Maintenance Menu:

maintenance menu rio pro


Sensor = O means no is detected

Sensor = X means a card is detected

Poking a card in and out of the relevant sensor in question should toggle the display from O > X etc…

With the printer displaying the sensor state as above you can insert a card in the sensor to see its state change on the display. Scroll down to see the locations of the card sensors after first seeing directly below for why this may need to be done.

Dust build up?

Dust may build up over time and can affect the sensor operation:


Testing and Cleaning a printers card sensors


You can access each sensor (see below) and manually clean with compressed air and/or soft brush.

Cleaning brushes

Also ensure you have the correct cleaning cards for your printer:

Pronto Cleaning Roller Assembly

And follow the full cleaning routine for your printer:

Cleaning the Rio Pro

Cleaning Videos

Find more printer models on our YouTube Channel.


With the lid open and dye film removed insert a card into this position to test the front sensor.

The sensor is inside the block at the top left of the card shown below:

Front Sensor

You can clean as described above; air & brush.


Insert a card into this position to test the mid sensor:

mid sensor


To gain better access to the mid sensor:


Insert a card into the rear feed to trigger the rear sensor

(on top of the feed roller, below the card separator, about half the card length in)


To gain better access to the rear sensor, open the lid and remove the cleaning rollers:

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