PriceCardPro range: Flex, Flex360 or Flex+

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Written By Luke Ridgway

PriceCardPro range

This page will help you confirm which PriceCardPro Flex you have, Flex or Flex 360…¬† or a Flex+ ūü§ď

The firmware you will need for your printer depends on the models architecture. This can be simplified into Generation 1 (Flex), and Generation 2 (Flex 360 & Flex+)


PriceCardPro 100

Flex 360

PriceCardPro Flex 360



PriceCardPro Flex +


The PCP Flex is based on the Generation 1 Rio Pro

‚ÄŹ‚ÄŹ‚ÄéThe Rio Pro was updated with new electronic architecture becoming the Rio Pro 360.¬† The PCP Flex 360 naturally become the new PriceCardPro variant of the Rio Pro 360.



‚ÄŹ‚ÄŹPriceCardPro Flex+ is a product variant based on the Magicard D printer.


  • 3652-0008-PR¬† PriceCard Pro FLEX PRINTER
  • 3652-0009-PR¬† PriceCard Pro FLEX (50mm) PRINTER

‚ÄŹ‚ÄŹ‚Äé 3652-3…

  • 3652-3008-PR¬† PriceCard Pro FLEX 360 PRINTER
  • 3652-3009-PR¬† PriceCard Pro FLEX 360 (50mm) PRINTER
  • 3652-3028-PR¬† PriceCard Pro FLEX 360 DUO PRINTER
  • 3652-3029-PR¬† PriceCard Pro FLEX 360 DUO (50mm) PRINTER

‚ÄŹ‚ÄŹ‚Äé ‚Äé4500-0…

  • 4500-0029-PR¬† ¬†PriceCardPro FLEX+ DUO 50mm
  • 4500-0009-PR¬† ¬†PriceCardPro FLEX+ 50mm
  • 4500-0028-PR¬† ¬†PriceCardPro FLEX+ DUO 54mm
  • 4500-0008-PR¬† ¬†PriceCardPro FLEX+ 54mm


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