Dye film sticking to card or breaking ribbon

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Written By john.fieldsend

If the main print roller is not perfectly clean then the following can result:

  1. The card can slip during the printing process, causing:
  2. The film to break.
  3. The film to ‘stick’ to the card.
  4. This will ‘hold the card back’ during the printing process causing other errors, like flipper errors even though the cause is a dirty roller not the flipper.

Ensure the Main Print roller is perfectly clean!

The image below shows a perfect roller surface on the left.

The roller on the right is an extreme example of a badly dye film covered roller, but demostrates a worst case scenario.


Dye film sticking to card


Your print roller needs to be like the one on the left.

To achieve this please follow the cleaning routine in the videos below paying particular attention to the Manual Cleaning section at:

  • 1m:25s for Enduro
  • 1m:45s for Rio Pro

* You may also find the use of a good quality Cellotape helpful: to stick onto the roller then peel back off -and repeat- until the roller is spotless.

Cleaning Videos

Find your specific printer model cleaning video on our YouTube Channel.


We also advise to update to the latest Driver and Printer Firmware versions:

Magicard Windows Printer Driver

Magicard Rio Pro Firmware

Rio Pro

Once the Firmware & Drivers are updated AND all rollers are perfectly clean then you can also run a Printer Calibration, called Soak Test.

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