Detailed solution for: 25:00 Calibration Failed

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Written by Auto Mation,

Error Code 25:00 indicates that the printer struggled to detect the dye film panels.

Check the Dye LED's operation:

  1. With the Lid Open, Press and Hold 'Menu' until the options change to the Maintenance Menu options.
  2. Choose 'Sensor Test'.
  3. Then scroll down and select: Dye Sensor
  4. Visually check the LED's:

With Dye Sensor selected as per above open the lid and inside the middle of the printer you should see all 3 LED’s illuminated:


See also the PDF how-to:  Dye LED Sensor Check

If any of these are not illuminated you will likely require repair.

You can check your printers warranty status by entering your serial number on the support home page, here:

Which product

If your printer is still in warranty please contact Technical Support.

If your warranty has expired then we can still help and you can check which products are still available for Magicard Out of Warranty Repairs here

You may also find your original supplier can assist you if they are more local to you - either with repair or replacement.

In most cases it would be beneficial to provide us a Printer Query File when you contact Support, either attached to your web case or emailed to us, this will save us asking and speed up our support to you: