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Written by Auto Mation,

Error 24:08 is only generated if you have the printer set to Hand Feed (on) and the rear card sensor is blocked.

If you are hand feeding you must put the card in the slot in the front just under the LCD screen:

(Image to show front slot - printer model may be different from yours)

Hand feeding a card

We have experienced reports of Error 24:08 only to discover the card was manually being pushed in at the Rear Feed.

This actually triggers the rear card sensor and causes the error.

So either turn hand feed mode Off, or hand feed one card a time into the front feed slot shown above.

Hand feed is 'On' and I am manually inserting the card in the front slot - but still get the error?

If you are inserting the card in the front with Hand Feed 'On' and are still seeing the error message then:

  1. Open the lid and check the card path is clear inside the printer and make sure there is not a card inside the unit.
  2. Specifically check towards the rear inside the printer under the blue cleaning roller, then below the orange roller.
  3. The rear sensor can then also be cleaned and checked for any blockage/foreign object etc?

This short video clip will demonstrate how to gain better access to the Rear Card Sensor:

Dust build up?

Dust may build up over time and can affect the sensor operation.  You can manually clean with compressed air and/or soft brush:

mid card sensorclean sensor

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If the issue remains please follow the steps in the article below to clean and test each card sensor:

Sensor Test

You can check your printers warranty status by entering your serial number on the support home page, here:

Which product

If your printer is still in warranty please contact Technical Support.

If your warranty has expired then we can still help and you can check which products are still available for Magicard Out of Warranty Repairs here.

You may also find your original supplier can assist you if they are more local to you - either with repair or replacement.

In most cases it would be beneficial to provide us a Printer Query File when you contact Support, either attached to your web case or emailed to us, this will save us asking and speed up our support to you