Detailed solution for: 24:24 General Error

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Written by Auto Mation,

This error is raised when feeding a card from the rear card hopper if the printer detects the mid card sensor block before the rear sensor does.

This error has two likely causes:

a. A card is jamming whilst being fed through the printer.

One of the more common reasons cards jam in the printer during a print operation is that the printer requires cleaning. This can be carried out by cleaning the printer using one of the long 'T'-shaped Magicard cleaning cards. These cards form part of the Magicard Cleaning kit - available from your Magicard dealer.

A short video showing the correct method for cleaning the printer is available using the link:  When complete, try re-printing the card.

b. A card sensor may have failed in the printer.

In the case of an internal sensor failure, the best option would be to contact Magicard Technical Support for further assistance using the link below.

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