Detailed solution for: 02:05 Out of Cards

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Written by Auto Mation,

This error is generated if a print job has been sent to the printer but no cards have been detected feeding through.

There are two likely causes for the error:

a. There are no cards left in the rear card hopper.

Check the rear card hopper has not run out of cards. If this is the case, refill the hopper with cards taken from a new sealed pack.

When handling cards, try not to touch either face of the card - handle the cards by their edges only to avoid leaving finger marks on the card. (These will not be visible prior to printing but usually appear on the card (as a grey smudge) after printing.

b. The printer requires cleaning.

Due to the technology used in card printers, they will usually require more frequent cleaning than other types of printer. It is recommended that the printer is cleaned each time a new dye film is fitted or 700 cards have been printed (whichever is sooner).

The likely cause is that cards are feeding normally (from the rear card hopper) but are slipping against the feed rollers in the printer (and not feeding through the printer). It is recommended the printer is cleaned using a Magicard approved cleaning kit (available from a Magicard dealer). The recommended method for cleaning the printer can be viewed on the Magicard website by following the link: