Detailed solution for: 26:00 One of the print engine motors is faulty.

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Written by Auto Mation,

Resolving Motor Fault error code 26:00

If you receive this error on your printer please verify that the correct Power Supply (PSU) is being used.

Your Magicard printer must only be used with the correct Power Supply as using an incorrect PSU can:

  • Cause Faint or Light printing
  • Create errors (commonly motor errors - not enough power from the incorrect PSU)
  • Permanently damage your printers Controller PCB or other electronic parts.
  • Invalidate your printers warranty.

The PSU must be exactly as shown below:

  • Manufacturer: SUNPOWER
  • DC Output: 24V 3.75A
  • Yellow 90w tag
  • Part Number is: E9372

Sunpower-PSU-LabelMagicard approved power supply

If you have confirmed the exact as above and corrrect power supply is being used then it is possible a motor fault could have occurred.

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